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Jimmy Kasprzak

Developer - trainer

Hi, I’m Jimmy. I’m an French software engineer living and working in Nantes, France.
I'm also a trainer and I love sharing my passion for software development with people in many ways like writing blogs and speaking at meetups and conferences.
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My story started in the beautiful city of La Rochelle. I joined the computer science university where I studied for five years to get my master degree. In the last two years, I had the chance to be an apprentice in the information system management of my university.
After getting my master degree, I decided to leave La Rochelle and try my luck in Paris where I chose to join Zenika. I stayed for 2 years where I got to work for EDF, AFP and Saint-Gobain, meeting amazing people and developping my skills in web development, mostly on Javascript, Angular and Spring. I also became a trainer and gave formations on web topics.
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Finally, I moved from Paris to Nantes. Luckily Zenika already had an agency where I could continue my journey in. Since I got here, I've been working as a web developer for MMB where I learned React, graphql and so much more thanks to the people around me. And my journey keeps going until today in this beautiful city ...